The Johannes van Kessel (jvank) website is an umbrella website, which hosts a number of Chapters, each containing web pages of one or more Initiatives. The most important common characteristic of these Initiatives is that each offers low-cost services and is moderately staffed.

The Johannes van Kessel group strives for simplicity and (cost-) effectiveness. This also applies to the management style of the organization itself.

The following chapters are active:


Several courses ‘Advising on research methods’ are given by Don Mellenbergh and Herman Adèr each year at the University of Amsterdam and at IOPS (Interuniversity Graduate School of Psychometrics and Sociometrics), using the ARM-book as study material.

A new course at the Centre for Literacy and Numeracy Research (CLNR) of Edge Hill University will be given in september and october. It will be given by Victor van Daal and Herman Adèr.

Research Methodology

The Research Methodology chapter holds initiatives in the field of Research Methodology for the social, behavioral and life sciences.

The first initiative of this chapter has been to make accessible the material of several conferences on or related to research methodology:

2000 KNAW Colloquium on research methodology.
This colloquium was held in Amsterdam in 2000 and was funded and hosted by the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW), on the occasion of the publication by Sage Publications of the book:
Research Methodology in the Social, Behavioural & Life Sciences of which Herman Adèr and Don Mellenbergh were the editors.
Proceedings of the RM 2003 symposium.
This symposium was held in Amsterdam in 2003 at Free University. There are still some hard copies of the RM2003 Proceedings available. Please contact: RM2003@jvank.nl
Retirement symposium.
In 2005, a symposium was held at the occasion of the retirement of Herman Adèr of the VU University medical center. His account of the happening can be found at Adèr’s account of the RM 2005 retirement symposium
2007 KNAW Colloquium Advising on Research Methods.
In 2007, a Colloquium Advising on Research methods was held, funded and hosted (again) by the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW). The Colloquium was preceded by a Masterclass on Advising which was video recorded. These video recordings of the consultations that took place during the masterclass, are now available on YouTube, for instance a session by Denny Borsboom. They are intensively used during the ARM courses of Adèr and Mellenbergh.

Printed proceedings of this colloquium became available november 2008. The proceedings are sold out, but an eBook of the Proceedings became available February 2014. See: the KNAW Proceedings website.

Weblog of a Methodologist.
After the above Colloquium, Herman Adèr, one of the organisers, started the Weblog of a Methodologist, in which typical problems of a methodological nature are posed and discussed. By lack of time, maintenance of the weblog is only done sporadically.
The ARM book.
Early 2008, Herman Adèr, Don Mellenbergh and David Hand published the book Advising on research methods: A consultant’s companion. See the website of the ARM Book and the Publishing chapter for more information.


This chapter was started as a publishing house on the occasion of the publication of the ‘ARM’ book in March 2008. Since then, a considerable number of titles have been added. At the moment of writing (June 2013), the Publication list contains 5 English titles and 8 titles in Dutch. Most titles are also provided as eBook. Since March 2014, the Publishing chapter has its own website, in which the titles below are all included.

ARM book.
The full title of the ARM book is:

Advising on research methods: A consultant’s companion by Herman J. Adèr, Gideon J. Mellenbergh (with contributions by David J. Hand), sewed hardcover: ISBN 978-90-79418-09-1.

January 2011, the third imprint of the book became available. All other editions are now sold out. In the Netherlands and Belgium, the book is available via the regular bookseller. In other countries, it can be ordered via the order form on the book’s website:

We plan to provide an eBook version of this book in three separate parts.
Proceedings of the 2007 KNAW Colloquium.
November 2008, the proceedings of the 2007 KNAW colloquium ‘Advising on research methods’ were made available, also by Johannes van Kessel Publishing:

Advising on research methods: Proceedings of the 2007 KNAW Colloquium.
H. J. Adèr & G.J. Mellenbergh (Eds.)
(ISBN 978-90-79418-03-9)

The reader contains a collection of newly written articles based on presentations held at the KNAW 2007 Colloquium Advising on research methods. It contains contributions by Janice Derr, Hilde Tobi, Gerald van Belle, Victor van Daal, Robert Pool, Jules Ellis, Bo Lu, Marijtje van Duijn and Herman Adèr on a variety of topics, all related to statistical/methodological consulting.

The book was distributed freely among participants of the Colloquium and the Masterclass. The book has now sold out. An eBook version became available February, 2014. See the Proceedings website.

Selected topics, 2011.
During the 2011 course at the University of Amsterdam, a collection of papers was produced written by the course participants:

Advising on research methods: Selected topics 2011.
H. J. Adèr & G.J. Mellenbergh (Eds.)

For more information (including ordering information) see: Selected topics 2011. The paperback edition is sold out. However, it is now available as an eBook: See the website.

Selected topics, 2012.
During the 2012 course at the University of Amsterdam, a similar collection of papers was produced as the year before written by the course participants:

Advising on research methods: Selected topics 2012.
H. J. Adèr & G.J. Mellenbergh (Eds.)

For more information see: Selected topics 2012. An eBook version is also available.

Selected topics, 2013.
In 2014, a similar booklet was published:

Advising on research methods: Selected topics 2013.
H. J. Adèr & G.J. Mellenbergh (Eds.)

See: Selected topics 2013.

Selected topics eBook bundle.
The eBook versions of the Selected topics booklets 2011 and 2012 are available as an eBook Bundle. The titles in the bundle are slightly less expensive than the individual eBooks.

When the 2013 booklet is translated into ePub, it will be added to the bundle.

Publications in Dutch.
Two collections of short stories by Herman Adèr have been published.

eBook conversion

Since we aim to offer all books of the Publishing chapter also as eBooks, we have gained considerable expertise in LATEX to ePub conversion, in particular of scientific texts. In september of this year, we started an Ebook conversion chapter. It is headed by Jeroen Arian with the help of Herman Adèr. For the moment, the conversion service is aimed at the Dutch market (See: eBook conversion website).


Since the start of the Johannes van Kessel Group, the Advising chapter has been very successful. We offer advice and do the data analysis for a number of projects, some of which on a regular basis. For the moment, this is mainly the work of Herman Adèr but several students have collaborated: Marianne Hubregtse and Philp Schuette, both students who attended one of the ARM courses. Several short-term projects have been finalized in 2011. The work on the following two projects ended at the end of 2012.

The Norwegian PIRLS project.
This is an international study on reading literacy (see: Wikipedia on PIRLS). The Norwegian part of the study is handled by the Reading Center at the University of Stavanger. We advized on data management and analysis and did most of the analysis of the Norwegian 2001 and 2006 data. We also produced the Norwegian PIRLS 2006 report.

The PIRLS Norwegian 2011 data has also been analyzed by us. This time, data were combined with the TIMSS (Trends in international Mathematics and Science Study) data. See the Combined TIMSS/PIRLS website.

Trimbos institute.
Since 2005, we give advice on study design and randomization related to studies conducted at the Trimbos institute. In some cases, the data analysis is also done. In 2010 activities for the Trimbos institute have been intensified since the institute started a large research project on the effectiveness of Collaborative Care for depressed patients.
In 2012 the work on this project was continued but by the end of the year, collaboration was ended.

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